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If you forget, we’ll remember together.

An offer for people whose spouse or relative is affected by dementia. Participate in pairs – as spouses, friends or parents/children – and meet others in the same situation.

The visits are based on The House of Memory, which is furnished as a 1950s home. Here, we offer cultural experiences, inviting surroundings and the company of other people. Two employees act as hosts during the visit, and are responsible for the communal coffee table with freshly baked Danish ‘kringle’ pastries.

We meet a total of four times, and during the series of visits we explore different parts of Den Gamle By depending on where the participants’ interests lie. Each visit ends with coffee in the flat.

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“At first, I went along for my husband’s sake, but now I can see how much I’ve benefited from the visits. It’s almost as if I’ve got my husband back. It’s the best experience I’ve had in years.”

“Thank you so much for the wonderful visits to The House of Memory. It has been a fantastic programme, which both my mother Ketty and I have really appreciated. It has been instructive, and I can definitely use everything that I’ve learned from spending time with others affected by dementia and their relatives and from getting behind the facade of people with dementia who are still very much themselves even though their short-term memory is failing. It was impressive how you referred back to different aspects of the flat to get everyone talking, and everyone was able to contribute on an equal footing, so everyone had a lot of fun, as well as enjoying the coffee and cakes.”