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Silverware by the master of functionalism

There is silver tableware, costume silver and church silver. And there are heart-shaped scent bottle pendants, flatware, dishes, trophies, beakers, jugs and other solid silver items. Explore Denmark’s largest collection of works by the master of functionalism Svend Weihrauch. A groundbreaking Danish silversmith who, in about 1920, advanced functionalism in Denmark, and whose work is known worldwide today.

Battle of Køge Bay medal
There is also – even though it is made of gold – the large and technically perfect Battle of Køge Bay medal. It was created in memory of Denmark’s greatest maritime victory over the Swedish fleet in what was later called the Battle of Køge Bay, which took place on 1 July 1677.

The silverware is on display in the Jewellery Box, which can be found below ground level in the 1974 neighbourhood. There is an entrance from the pedestrian street.

Svend Weihrauch
Svend Weihrauch was born on 8 July 1899 in Viborg. He trained from 1914 to 1918 as a silversmith and chaser with the goldsmith Hans Christian Matthiasen in Nykøbing Falster.

In 1928, he started working for the goldsmith Frantz Hingelberg in Aarhus, where he was soon made head of the workshop. He designed and made his own works of largely tableware, flatware and jewellery. More than 5,000 of his drawings have been preserved. Svend Weihrauch retired from Frantz Hingelberg in 1956 and died on 14 June 1962 in Aarhus.