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Experience 1200 years of history about Aarhus

Aarhus Fortæller is the first complete museum story about the city’s history from the Viking Age to the present time. The exhibition covers a total of 800 square metres, and is located underground in Den Gamle By’s 1974 neighbourhood.

Experience Aarhus in the distant and the near past
The time journey begins when Aarhus emerged in the Viking Age as one of the first towns in Denmark. A chronological tour then takes you through 1200 years of history to the present day, where Aarhus has more than 335,000 citizens.

The story is told to the greatest possible extent by the people who have lived in the city during the period. Hence the name Aarhus Fortæller – Aarhus tells.

Here we present some of the most important aspects of the city’s history, which are also part of Denmark’s history. The stories unfold through historical environments, cinematic effects, games and activities.

Take care!
Please be aware of the sudden loud noises and steam coming from the locomotive in the ‘Growth 1850-1950’ section.

Aarhus Fortæller is funded by the Salling Foundations.