Summer theme 2022:
Good craftsmanship - Now and in future

24 May - 4 September

This year’s summer theme at Den Gamle By takes a close look at good craftsmanship from a contemporary perspective.

Through exhibitions, activities for children and adults, demonstrations and guided tours, we present craftsmanship for all the family.

Talk to the craftsmen and ’women who are displaying their skills, explore different materials and processes and experience the importance of craftsmanship for us all in our daily lives.


Masons, carpenters and tool workshop
Ascension Day 26-29 May
Whitsun 4-6 June

The blacksmith and tinsmith
11-12 June

The gardeners
18-19 June

Painters and glaziers
25-26 June

Good craftsmanship all summer
27 June - 7 August

Use your hands
13-17 August

Traditional craftsmanship for the future
20-21 August

Skills come to Den Gamle By
27-28 August and 3-4 September