Danish open sandwiches - and a sweet

Herring on rye bread
Fried capers, onions in black currant pickle, egg cream, buckwheat grains and dill

Salmon on rye bread
Smoked cheese, fried kale, hazelnuts and figs

Mushrooms on rye bread
Walnuts, lingonberries, grapes and celery

Roast beef on rye bread
Tarragon, pickled green tomatoes, horse radish and herb pickles

Sausage on rye bread
Mustard cream, beets, gherkins and sauerkraut


Danish cheese with crispbread
Hint of aquavit, gherkins and sauerkraut

The sweet:

Trifle with fruits and berries of the season
Macaroons, almond cream, sweet cicely

2 pieces per person DKK 165
3 pieces per person DKK 195

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