Danish classics

The cold selection

Shrimp sandwich: White bread from our bakery, mayonnaise, trout roe, lemon and herbs DKK 145

Classic Danish open-faced sandwiches

  • Egg and shrimp with dill and lemon
  • Roast beef with fried onions, horseradish and pickled cucumber salad
  • Smoked salmon with baked egg and trout roe
  • Potato with capers, chives and mayonnaise

Two sandwiches incl. a spring water DKK 145         
Hereafter a piece DKK 50

Den Gamle By’s lunch plate

Marinated herring, onions and curry salad
Cured salmon with mustard/brown sugar sauce
Chicken salad with bacon and cress
Danish meatball with pickled cucumber salad
Cheese with rosehip marmalade
Rhubarb trifle with macaroons and whipped cream

Served with two types of bread, lard and butter DKK 175

Vegetarian lunch plate

Smoked soy beans with baked apples
Mushroom and nut paté with pickled beets
Pearl barley salad with Brussel sprouts and lingonberries
Cheese with rosehip marmalade
Rhubarb trifle with macaroons and whipped cream
Rye bread from our bakery with lard and butter

Pr. person DKK 175
Including either a ‘Den Gamle By’ beer, spring water or soda plus coffee or tea with the dessert
DKK 245

The hot selection

Fried pork belly
with parsley sauce, potatoes and pickled beetroot DKK 165

with fried and steamed flounder, home-smoked salmon, hand-peeled shrimps, trout roe and red sauce DKK 185

with chicken and asparagus DKK 145

Danish beef
with soft onions, brown sauce, potatoes and gherkins DKK 165

Danish meetballs
with potato salad, pickled cucumber salad and chives DKK 145

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