Den Gamle By's buffet 2020:

  • Faroese cured salmon with sorrel, dill, apple and shallots. Served with crisp lettuces and brown sugar/mustard sauce
  • Cod salad with crispy parsley root served in a vol-au-vent. Garnished with hand-peeled shrimps and pickled leeks
  • Green salad with smoked chicken thighs and herbs from Den Gamle By’s gardens, crispy pork chin, wheat bread chips and a dressing with parmesan

  • Danish pork back with fennel and lemon
  • Slow-cooked Danish beef filet with rosemary from the Apothecary’s garden
  • Fried carrots with black sesame seeds, crispy chickpeas and green leafs from the island Samsø
  • Baked cauliflower with fresh chives. Served with pickled mushrooms and red onions
  • The season’s vegetables with elements from Den Gamle By’s gardens
  • Butter-fried potatoes with herbs from Handelsgartneriet
  • Gravy with thyme

Served with butter and bread from Den Gamle By’s bakery

  • Cheese – “Gammel Knas” and “Den Hvide Dame” from Arla Unika with rosemary marinated nuts, rosehip jam and crispy rye bread
  • Berry mousse on Mazarin cake covered with dark chocolate and berry dust
  • White chocolate cake with almonds and orange. Served with a bourbon vanilla parfait

Per person DKK 395

In order to order The Old Town Buffet you need to be at least 25 persons.

To book an event please contact our booking department on +45 41850844 (between 10am and 2pm Monday to Friday) or on booking@dengamleby.dk