Guided tours

All year round, the museum offers themed guided tours which must be ordered a minimum of eight days in advance. The tours last approximately one hour and may include up to 20 participants.

Prices for guided tours

Weekdays - DKK 750 / EUR € 103,44 

Evening and weekends - DKK 950 / EUR € 131,03 

Notice! The price may vary according to the exchange rate.


In addition to the tours described below, special tours can be booked. Some of the following tours may also be available in German. Ask for other languages and contact us for further information on +45 8612 3188 or

All tours start with a short introduction to Den Gamle By.

The 1927 and 1974 neighbourhoods

Den Gamle By guided tour - 1927 and 1974

Two new neighbourhoods have been added to Den Gamle By. In the 1927 neighbourhood you will hear about the industrialization and how the market town changed and got sidewalks, electricity, telephonewires and gaspumps. 

Moving further along you reach the newest area in the museum - 1974. A whole neighbourhood representing how different homes were in 1974, as well as a tv shop, a grocery market, a hairdresser and a jazzbar. You will hear about the lives of various families while walking round their appartments.

A Walk through the Market Town

Den Gamle By guided tour - a walk through the market town

This tour will give you an unique insight to what a market town is and how it is different from the surrounding countryside. You will get a thorough understanding of town-life in the 1800s including trades, crafts and livestock.

The tour will take you to the Merchant's House complete with shop, office, and private quarters as well as to some of the town's craftsmen in their shops and workshops.

Hans Christian Andersen’s childhood

Den Gamle By guided tour - Hans Christian Andersen's childhood

Hans Christian Andersen grew up in the Danish town Odense on Fyn, in Munkemøllerstræde. Across from his childhood home was the Eilschou Almshouses, which now lies in Den Gamle By. As a young boy Hans Christian Andersen often visited the house and the vicar's widow Madame Bunkeflod, who taught him about poetry and culture. 

On the tour you will hear the story from Madame Wiberg and see the home in which Hans Christian Andersen spent part of his childhood. 

Everyday life of women and children

Den Gamle By guided tour - life of women and children

For many women and children, life changed radically during the 1800s. The industrialization resulted in substantial changes which were not always for the better. The mechanization of farming initiated the migration from country to town. Hear about what kind of life the farmer's women got to lead in the towns. We meet the first self-supporting women.

The school reform of 1814 meant compulsory education for all. The tour will portray how a school day passed in the 1800s and what was expected of children in terms of play and labour.