Enjoy a "Stjerneskud" – easy and delicious

Can be bought July 6 - August 4, 2018
Every day 12am-5pm

You are now able to enjoy a "Stjerneskud" or bring it with you as takeaway, when you have been to Den Gamle By, a delicious lunch or dinner.

Combine the "Stjerneskud" with wine and spring water, for a wonderful evening!

The "Stjerneskud" is breaded and steamed flatfish, with smoked salmon, shrimp, trout roe, lettuce and dressing on white bread.

What is the price?

The food comes in a practical bag, easy to bring with you.

You can choose from the following combinations:

  • "Stjerneskud":  DKK 130
  • "Stjerneskud"+ a small bottle of Italian white wine (250 ml): DKK 150

In addition, you can buy Den Gamle By spring water: DKK 20

Where can you buy it?

You can buy and pick up the "Stjerneskud" at "Teaterpladsen" near the main entrance.