Food and drinks

Restaurant and cafés

At Gæstgivergården you can try dishes and cakes made from traditional Danish recipes. You can buy open-faced sandwiches, and a light lunch based on traditional Danish cuisine. The restaurant is open all year round.

In the 1970s neighbourhood you will find Café Bonnich. Here you can buy Danish pastry and a freshly brewed cup of coffee and tea, which you can enjoy in the café decorated as it orginally appeared in the early 1970s.

At the Bakery on Algade you can buy delicious cakes and breads made from historical recipes. The Bakery is open every day from Easter to New Year. 

On Sønderbrogade is a classic Danish hotdog stand selling Danish hotdogs and cold bevages. There is a Food Stall in the Fair Ground. They are open during the high seasons.

Picnic areas

It is allowed to bring your own food and drinks into Den Gamle By. There are several picnic areas both outside and inside.

Madkassen - The Lunch Box - is an indoor picnic area with tables and chairs. Madkassen is open all year round.

Madkassen - The Lunch Box - is an indoor picnic area with tables and chairs
Café Bonnich looks as it did in the early 1970s. Try the Danish pastry made from original recipes.