Living History

Experience Living History in Den Gamle By
History comes alive in Den Gamle By.

History comes alive

When visiting Den Gamle By you might see people dressed in copies of historical clothes and practicing activities from another time. With Living History, an interactive presentation, where historical tools, activities and costumes are incorporated, the museum tells the story and gives visitors an authentic sense of stepping back in time.

Den Gamle By wishes to give you an historical experience and insight of how life and times changed in Denmark, from before the industrial period through modern times in the 1920s, and to a period of welfare, by using real live role players and atmosheric historical buildings, interiors and accessories. 

Den Gamle By - maids in Living history
The Merchant's maids strolling around town in 1864.
Den Gamle By - Living history - barrel organ
Hear the barrel organ in the streets as in the 1800s.

From April 1 to New Year

You can experience Living History in Den Gamle By in the season from April 1 to December 30. During this period you can visit the Vicar's widow in the Eilschou Almshouses, and hear her story about how the young Hans Christian Andersen came by on a daily visit to learn poetry and culture.

If you are lucky, you might experience the maids in the kitchen of the Merchant's house making pancakes or soup for you to taste. When inside the Merchant's Shop you can get an authentic experience when bargaining with the Merchant, just as in any typical Danish shop in 1864. 

Experience three periods of history

Walking through the streets in Den Gamle By, you will experience how the whole scenery from the buidings to the pavement you walk on changes, as does the interior, peoples lives and their clothes accordingly to the period of time you are in.   

Step inside the bakery, where the baker's wife sells Danish pastry following historical recipes from 1885. At the Ironmonger and the bookshop you get to try being a customer 1927. Occasionally the telephone operater is present, just as you might find the shopkeeper in Poul's Radio, a young woman behind the counter in the grocery and the barkeeper at the Jazzbar Bent J as in 1974.

Step inside til Merchant's Shop and see his selection of goods, as in 1864.
Den Gamle By Living History - the Vicar's widow
The Vicar's widow will tell you about her life and about Hans Christian Andersen, as in 1864.
Den Gamle By Living History - grocery store in 1974
In the grocery store in the 1974 neighbourhood, you can buy freshly grained coffee and Danish sweets.
Occasionally you can find the shopkeeper at Poul's Radio and TV Shop, as in 1974.