Easter in Den Gamle By

April 1-10

Why do we celebrate Easter? Why do we eat eggs and paint the shell? How did the tradition with easter letters begin? And why do we eat easter lunch?

Bring your family to explore the traditions of easter. Make your own cootie catchers, cut Easter letters and make pom pom chickens, find eggs in the garden in Havbogade and much more.

Welcome to Easter in Den Gamle By.

Family activities

Paint Easter eggs, cut Easter letters, make Easter chickens and King of Denmark boiled sweets.

Venue: Renæssancegården
Price: DKK 50 per child

The hunt for Easter

Handed out at the Ticket Office. Fold a cootie catcher and explore the traditions of Easter. The Cootie catcher  is featuring  a number of questions about Easter and it will help you find the questions, while travelling throug the history of Easter in Den Gamle By.

Easter ornament

See the Easter ornaments in The 1927 and 1974 Neighbourhood.

Easter ornaments in the shops

You are now able to buy Easter ornaments in The Gift shop, so you can decorate at home.