Denmark in Europe.
50 years of EC and EU posters

Speciel exhibition at The Danish Poster Museum.

The streets were full of posters in the run-up to the Danish referendum on membership of the European Community (EC) on 2 October 1972. The debate had lasted a long time. Now it was decision time. The messages of EC opponents were particularly dominant on the posters. They feared poorer conditions for women and workers, and that Denmark would be a puppet of the EC. Several people were more in favour of Nordic cooperation than pan-European cooperation. Conversely, the posters of the EC advocates expressed a desire to become part of the European Community – even to say ‘yes’ to the Europe family. The result of the referendum was a clear majority in favour of membership of the EC.

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the referendum, you have an opportunity to see the posters at the Danish Poster Museum in Den Gamle By. A total of 139 posters from our archives are on display. They include not only the election posters of 1972, but also examples of the many posters created for subsequent referendums on EU provisos and accession to treaties. There are also posters that illustrate EU cooperation and many highly imaginative posters, which the Danish People’s Movement against the EU have displayed on the streets over the years.

Together, the posters provide an extensive insight into the historical evolution of European cooperation and an understanding of the work being done within the Union today.

 The special exhibition runs from 12 February 2022 to 1 January 2023.

No to the Euro, 2000.
Yes, 1972.
No, 1972.