Christmas Evenings

Friday and Saturday, 2 and 3 December, Friday and Saturday, 9 and 10 December and Friday and Saturday, 16 and 17 December from 18-21.

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Experience the very special spirit of Christmas after darkness has fallen over Den Gamle By.

During our Christmas Evenings, a limited number of guests will enjoy an exclusive evening experience of Christmas in Den Gamle By where they can see, taste and smell the history of Christmas in the light of the lanterns after our normal hours of opening.

Visit the Christmas stalls that sell battered apple slices and round batter cakes, wild boar sausages, Bishop’s punch and other delicacies. Or taste Christmas traditions in our restaurant Gæstgivergården, which among other dishes, serves slow-cooked roast pork, fried pickled herring and traditional Danish Christmas rice pudding.

As an unforgettable extra, you can join our guided tours in the dark and hear where the elves came from or listen to astonishing stories about Christmas in Den Gamle By.

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400 years of Christmas history

Taste, smell and sample Christmas traditions. Experience Christmas history and learn how Christmas has been celebrated for 400 years. Come inside and learn how our ancestors decorated their homes and prepared for the Christmas feast.

Christmas in the dark

Winter was dark before the invention of electric lighting, neon signs and flashing Christmas decorations. People economised on light. During Christmas Evenings in Den Gamle By, you can walk the streets and experience the development of light and Christmas decorations. From sparse lighting in the oldest part of town through Christmas candles and garlands in the 1927 neighbourhood to the 1974 pedestrian street that almost looks contemporary with a blaze of lights, indoors and out.

Meet the citizens

Chat with the citizens, servants and employees in the streets and historical shops. Meet the postman, the kitchen maid and the organ grinder who can tell you about Christmas traditions and life in a Danish market town around Christmas time in 1864, 1927 or 1974.

A taste of Christmas

Treat yourself to Christmas food and Christmas sweets from the many stalls. Try battered apple slices and Pancake Puffs and taste Den Gamle By’s crunchy vanilla crown biscuits or gingerbread hearts that taste of childhood and nostalgia. At the Christmas stalls, you can also buy hot wild boar sausages, Den Gamle By’s Christmas ale, Bishop's punch and mulled wine.

Christmas menu in restaurant Gæstgivergården

Taste Christmas traditions in our restaurant Gæstgivergården where Den Gamle By’s chefs have composed a special Christmas Evening menu. Choose between a slow-cooked roast, made from Danish pork cooked with fennel and orange rind, and our own baker's popular puff pastry tartlets. The food goes well with Den Gamle By’s Christmas schnapps or a full-bodied dark Christmas ale.

Guided Christmas tours Where did the elves come from?

Join our special Christmas Evening guided tour and hear where the elves came from. You will also hear the history of the table doily and the most wonderful Christmas carol.

Meeting place: Outside Møntmestergården, the Mintmaster’s Mansion.

Price: DKK 25 per person.

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An unforgettable extra experience: Christmas in the dark

Join a guided tour in the dark in the oldest streets of Den Gamle By, which are illuminated only by lanterns.

Meeting place:
 Outside the Apothecary in Vestergade.

Price: DKK 25 per person.

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An unforgettable extra experience: Astonishing Christmas stories

Hear little-known stories about Christmas in Den Gamle By and experience the spirit of Christmas through several centuries.

Meeting place:
 Lille Torv

 DKK 25 per person.

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The Elves’ Attic

Let your children go exploring in the Elves’ Attic on Torvet in Den Gamle By where the furniture is magical and turns every child into a little elf.


Historical Christmas presents

Surprise a loved one with a historical Christmas present that is only available from Den Gamle By’s stalls and shops. Explore our large selection of historical Christmas decorations, posters, jewellery, toys, knitwear, books, and sweets and ale with a history.