Remember the 1970s

There is an entire neighbourhood based on the year 1974 with apartments, shops, a jazz bar and much more.

Bringing the 1970s to life

The 1970s neighbourhood reflects a Danish town based on the year 1974. Times changed radically in the mid-1970s, where many Danes wanted to be librated from the norms and the ordinary life. People started to live together in communes, and women became more independent and lived on their own.

Step inside the apartments on Havnegade and see the homes that represents the life of a single mother, a nuclear family, a middel class working couple, a commune and six Tyrkish immigrant workers, amongst others. Each apartment is recreated from the real people's stories and photos.

Den Gamle By - remember the 1970s
The single mother slept on the couch so her son could have his own room.
Explore around the apartments - open the closets and see what's inside the drawers.

Touch the inventory

Inside the apartments, you will see how the styles in the different types of homes changed during the 1970s - the inventory, decorating, clothing and foodculture. Here you can touch the inventory and clothes, as well as look inside the drawers and closets, to get an authentic experience of how it was.

Notice the difference between the living rooms, the kitchens and bedrooms in the apartments, and see how the lifestyles changed according to status, society and size of family. Denmark was a affluent society after years of steady economic growth.

The originally Jazz bar Bent J. was very popular in Aarhus. It has been re-established at Den Gamle By to much joy for the locals and others interested in jazz.
Den Gamle By - grocery store from 1974
Rahbek's Minimarket replicates a grocery store from 1974. You can buy Danish sweets and freshly grounded coffee here from Easter to New Year.

Shops and a jazz bar

There are several shops and workshops as well as a jazz bar, recreated from the original. Shops like a radio and tv shop, where you can hear music from the 70s, a look a like grocery, a magazine shop and a hairdresser. Step inside the local jazz bar Bent J. for at beer or enjoy Danish pastry at Café Bonnich. 

You can visit the first gynaecology clinic in Denmark recreated with all the inventory from the original clinic, where the threatment of women and womens living conditions had a central place in 1974. Give yourself an authentic experience - you might even reconize some items from your own life.

Visit the home of a middelclass working couple.
Dr. Windfeld opened the first private gynaecology clinic in the south of Jutland in 1974.
The kitchen in the apartment of the nuclear family.
Den Gamle By - 1970s - Poul's radio
Poul's Radio and TV Shop, where visitors occasionally will find the shopkeeper or the radio repairman at work.