The Mintmaster's Mansion

Den Gamle By - The Mintmaster Mansion
The Mintmaster's Mansion is full of details inside and outside, such as the decorative spouts on the front of the building.

Baroque and Rococo

The Mintmaster's Mansion is a magnificent home from Copenhagen. It was built in 1683 by Mintmaster Gregorius Sessemann. The Mintmaster's Mansion was home to the royally appointed mintmasters until 1752. The mansion has housed several mintmasters and their families.

The mansion shows upper-class interiors and lifestyle from 1760 to 1768. Today the mansion appears as it did at the height of its splendour, in the mid-1700s, where as the bacis structure is from the original building from 1683.

Den Gamle By - the Lady's bedchamber at the Mintmaster's Mansion
The interior in the Lady's bedchamber is based on the domestic culture during the 1700s. The style is Baroque.
Den Gamle By - the bayroom at the Mintmaster's Mansion
The Bay Room was mainly used for formal events and festive occasions. The furniture is Rococo.

Large building project

The Mintmaster's Mansion is the largest building project that Den Gamle By has ever undertaken. The original mansion was built in 1683 in the capital of Denmark, and was dismantled there in 1944. It was rebuilt in Den Gamle By after the museum took over the materials in 1995.

All the rooms are funished and represents different time periods. There are many details both inside and outside, with Baroque and Rococo decorations on the walls, celling, floor and furniture. The mansion has many beautiful rooms with decorative interior telling stories of a time gone by.  

Den Gamle By - Mintmaster's Mansion - the Tapestry Room
The Baroque loved to play with illusions. The painted tapestry in the Tapestry Room is recreated from woven tapestries from a mansion in the Southern Denmark.
Den Gamle By - the Avian celling at the Mintmaster Mansion
The amazing "Avian" celling with bird motifs, has been recreated using analyses of paint flakes and photos. The original paintwork was dated to the late 1600s.


The uniquely well-preserved mansion has been reconstructed and restored using original techniques and colours. The timber framing and roof are mainly the timbers from the original building from 1683, while the interior decorating is from the 1700s.

The Baroque staircase in the Mintmaster's Mansion is exceptionally well-preserved, and probably the finest single element in the building. Because a few beam ends were built into the Baroque staircase, it is preserved for posterity. 

Den Gamle By - The Avian Ceiling Room at the Mintmaster's Mansion
The Avian Ceiling Room is the central room on the ground floor, where the most extensive reconstruction in the building has taken place.
Den Gamle By - Baroque staircase at the Mintmaster's Mansion
The large Baroque staircase from the 1720s is uniquely well-preserved, and undoubtedly the building's finest single feature.
Den Gamle By - Mintmaster's Mansion - the Salon
In the large rooms the furniture were placed along the walls and then moved into the room when needed.
Den Gamle By - Mintmaster Mansion - Living Room
The living room was the everyday living space, where the family had their meals and where the children slept.