It’s Coffee Time in Den Gamle By

Den Gamle By sets the table and invites you to Coffee Time until November 1.

Morning coffee, mid-morning coffee, afternoon coffee, evening coffee. Drip coffee, press pot coffee, instant coffee and coffee laced with spirits. We drink coffee every day at home and with our neighbours, friends and colleagues. But how much do you actually know about the blackish brown beans, and how have the Danes been drinking coffee over time?

Outdoor exhibition in the Teaterpladsen square

Large posters tell the history of coffee since its arrival in Denmark in 1665. At that time, a pound of coffee cost the same as a horse. Today, we throw out 20 million litres of coffee every year.

Coffee in the small homes

The coffee tables have been set in a large number of homes in Den Gamle By so you can learn how the Danes made and enjoyed coffee and what they ate as a supplement to the black drink.

Guided coffee tours (in Danish)

On 26 and 27 June there are free guided coffee tours at 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. We visit the eighteenth century grocer. At that time, coffee was still a novelty. You will hear about the traditional Danish blue coffee pot, Madam Blå, coffee substitute and why the peasants were once prohibited from drinking coffee.

The 20th century warm shelter coffee stall

On Torvet (the main square) you can experience a reconstructed 20th century coffee stall. You can hear the story about how coffee was intended to encourage dock workers to drink less beer and alcohol. There are free samples at the coffee stall.

Den Gamle By coffee and coffee cake

To celebrate Coffee Time, Den Gamle By has created its own organic coffee blend. Enjoy it in our restaurant, Gæstgivergården, or café, Konditori Café Bonnich, along with a slice of home-made coffee cake.

Buy your own coffee plant

In our market garden, Handelsgartneriet Bernstorff, you can buy coffee plants. We also sell historical plants, flowers and seeds that are not available elsewhere.

Coffee goods

In our museum shop you can buy Den Gamle By coffee and the book about the Danish coffee history. At the ironmonger’s you can buy reusable coffee filters, coffee sets and much more.

Coffee lecture (in Danish)

From 16-29 August, you can learn how to make your coffee taste better at home. Or you can hear author Annette Hoff talk about coffee, based on her book, ”A History of Danish Coffee”.

More information to follow.