Christmas in Den Gamle By

Experience 400 years of Christmas traditions, walk among shining lanterns, the pleasant smell of “æbleskiver”, traditional Danish Christmas decorations and feel the authentic Christmas spirit. Meet people of the past and find out how Danish Christmas traditions arose and how Danes have celebrated Christmas throughout time. The museum celebrates Christmas from 21. Nov. until 3. Jan.

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Your safety is important to us

At Den Gamle By we do everything we can to ensure the safety of our guests and staff/personnel. The museum consists of a large number of outdoor square meters and we have introduced several safety measures: We have spread out activities over a large area, we have introduced one-way traffic in most exhibitions, we have placed hand sanitizer dispensers all over the museum and we make sure to clean particularly exposed surfaces frequently.

Read more about our measures here.

Facemasks are obligatory for all guests over the age of 12, when entering a building, an exhibition, the restaurant, the bathroom etc.

To avoid queuing, tickets can be bought online from 9. Nov. Guests with a membership card and children under the age of 18 also need to book their visit in advance. However, these tickets are free.

Follow the Christmas route

Explore the Christmas route and see how Danes have celebrated Christmas throughout the past 400 years. Learn about when and why the Christmas traditions, we know today, arose. The Christmas route is available in the Ticket Sale.

A taste of Christmas

Spoil yourself with Christmas food and treats from the many food stands at the Town Square. There is something for everyone: Traditional “æbleskiver”, “vanilljekranse”, sausages made from wild boar, “honninghjerter” (evt. gingerbread?), Christmas brew/beer, Bishop Punch and much more. Tasteful historical treats. You are also welcome to visit our newly opened restaurant Gæstegivergården and enjoy a fantastic Christmas meal. See the menus here.

Living history with living people

During Christmas in Den Gamle By, you will meet people of the past, when walking in the streets. You are welcome to ask them about what they have experienced and how their lives and everyday were during Christmas in 1864, 1927 and 1974. You will be surprised.

Christmas clue hunt for the whole family

The Christmas Clue Hunt is a clue hunt for the whole family. Read about Lars and Laura and find out, how Danes celebrated Christmas when grandfather was a boy.

Buy historical Christmas presents

Are you looking for this year’s Christmas presents? Make someone you care about happy, by giving him or her a historical Christmas present, which is only available in Den Gamle By. Explore our large selection of Christmas decorations, books, posters, jewellery, toys, knitwear, sweets and beer with history.

Send your Christmas cards

Do you miss your old post office? Send your Christmas cards from the post office in 1927. Stop by the postmaster in the old post office, buy a post stamp and get your Christmas cards stamped. The post office is open every day between 12.30 and 17.00.

Find the elves in the Christmas Forrest

Explore the Christmas Forrest and see if you can find the elves. You need to watch carefully, they are hard to find!

Buy Christmas flowers in Handelsgartneriet

You can buy flowers and plants in the cosy garden centre until the 24. December. Choose between a great variety of fruit plants, flowers and seed mixtures and as always, “Juletoppen”, which is sold exclusively in Den Gamle By. We of course also sell the traditional mistletoe with the classical red bow.

Song and music

Feel the Christmas spirit, when you walk in the streets on Saturdays and Sundays 12-16 and hear Christmas music played by the Brass bands from the Royal Academy of Music. Join the Christmas carolling every weekend at 13 and 15.

The Christmas Shop

Visit the Christmas Shop on the Town Square and explore our large selection of Christmas decorations.

Note that we may temporarily close some of the Christmas exhibitions, to avoid too many people visiting the exhibitions at the same time.

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Book your parking from home and save time and money.

Please note, that Aarhus Municipality owns all parking spaces around Den Gamle By.