Back to the 70s

Travel back in time to the 1970s. Every weekend in September you are able to travel back in time to the 1970s and enjoy live music, fashion shows and fun activities for children and adults.

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Live music: Dylan Duo

In the streets of the 1974-quarter 11am–4pm
Pop-up concerts with hits from the 1970s.

Fashion show

First floor in Bendtsen Warehouse
11am, 1pm & 2.30pm
See how fashion was in the 1970s.

Duration: About 50 minutes

On the ground floor, you are welcome to visit an appetizer to the fashion show, a large clothing exibition, with Living history's clothes from the 70s.

Go for a ride in the VW Beetle

Start: Nygade in the 1974-quarter by the Park 11am–5pm

Try the popular and most sold car of the 1970s and hear the special sound of the boxer engine (3 euro per person).


Get your knife grinded by the knife-grinder in the 1974-quarter. The first knife is free (not the knives with a wavy blade)

11-12, 18-19 and 25-26 september.

Children’s games from the 1970s

The South Harbour in the 1974-quarter 11am–4pm

Children and childish adults can try hula hoops and rope games.

Retro food

Enjoy a ’stjerneskud’, shrimp cocktail, fried camembert or lemon
mousse in Restaurant Gæstgivergården.

Look at the menu here.

Mopeds in the streets

The streets of the 1974-quarter and at the Moped workshop in Havnegade
Smell and hear the sound of an old moped.
Visit the moped workshop and see iconic vintage mopeds.

The butcher’s shop – behind the scenes

The corner of Sønderbrogade/Nygade in the 1974-quarter, 10am–5pm
Go behind the scenes and have a talk with the curators who are making the shop.

1974-residents and shops

The streets and shops 10am –5pm

Meet the postman, who tells about the ’residents’ in the1974-quarter. You can also meet the clercks in Poul’s Radio,the Embroidery Shop and Rahbek’s Mini-Market. In the Book Exchange you will find a small exhibition about 70s advertisements.

The retro hot dog stand

At the hot dog stand you can buy red sausages, hot dogs, Jolly Cola and Cocio.

11am - 4pm

Café Bonnich

Spoil yourself with Danish pastry and a cup of coffee, tea or cocoa in Café Bonnich.

11am - 5pm