Christmas in Den Gamle By

The shops on Søndergade are decorated for Christmas as they would have been in 1927.

A magical Christmas experience

Den Gamle By is a unique place where you can experience a magical Christmas atmosphere as the whole museum is decorated according to different time periods through three decades. Most of the homes and shops are decorated and preparing for Christmas to give you an authentic experience.

From Torvet, the main town square, there is access to the Christmas shop and museum, the Christmas Fun House, the crafts market at Torvet, the Mayor's House, and the Mintmaster's Mansion. At the Merchant's house you might get a taste of the housemaid's cooking. 

Danish Christmas throughout time

Den Gamle By paints an image of how Christmas in Denmark has been celebrated from the early 1600s to the 1970s. Look for the lamps showing which year is represented. Take a tour at the Mayor's House, showing the history of the Danish Christmas from 1600s to 1850.

All around the town you can have a look inside and see how Danes prepared for Christmas Eve, which most Danes still celebrate on December 24 with a Christmas dinner, where duck or goose is served, as well as a special Christmas dessert. The one who finds the almond inside the dessert gets a present. 

Den Gamle By - Christmas time in 1864
In 1864 the only light source came from lanterns and candles.
Den Gamle By - Christmas in 1625
Take a historical tour of Danish Christmas decorations from the early 1600s to 1850 at The Mayor's House.

Christmas activities

You can experience Christmas all around the museum, but the main activities are happening on Torvet, where the large Christmas tree is and people in wooden stalls are selling Danish Christmas specialities. Entries to the Christmas Shop, the Christmas Fun House and the Crafts Market in Bentsen's Warehouse are here as well. 

Take a ride in a horse carriage and visit the Christmas Fun House. Step inside the shops and if you are lucky, you might come by our Living History, which is active all around to enhance your experience. Enjoy an authentic Christmas atmosphere from a time gone by.

Den Gamle By - Christmas in Eilschou Almshouses
Step inside Eilschou Almshouses and experience Christmas time on Hans Christian Andersen's time.
Visit one of the many stalls with Danish delicacies and all sorts of handicrafts.
Den Gamle By - Christmas present
Christmas presents for children had focus on the role they would get as adults.
Den Gamle By - the Christmas tree
On Torvet there is a beautiful Christmas tree as well as wooden stalls serving traditional food and drinks.