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Den Gamle By


Viborgvej 2


8000 Aarhus C




tel: + 45 86 12 31 88

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Den Gamle By - a Danish Open-Air museum

Den Gamle By – “The Old Town” -  is a living picture of life in Denmark as it looked in the 1700s, 1800s and 1900s. Take a stroll down the streets and meet the people of a bygone era. Have a chat with the local priest, visit the baker’s wife who sells cakes from traditional recipes or take a carriage ride through the town. In Den Gamle By you can explore the homes, courtyards and shops as they might have looked in Hans Christian Andersen’s days. Den Gamle By was founded in 1909 as the world's first open-air museum of urban history and culture. The museum contains more than 75 houses relocated from all over Denmark and it also has several permanent exhibitions. The museum is under the patronage of the Danish Queen and it is one of Denmark’s few 3-star attractions in Guide Michelin. The museum is open all year round. 

A market town at the time of Hans Christian Andersen.

Den Gamle By is a living and breathing experience of a town as it looked at the time of Hans Christian Andersen. Have a glimpse of the urban life, where the geese roam freely in the streets, and where you can meet the merchant’s maid or the clergyman’s widow. This is the oldest part of the museum with buildings from 1550 to 1890.

Bicycle, gas pump and sidewalks from the 1920s

The 1920’s quarter shows an urban area which is becoming more modern with electric street lights and telephone wires. Visit the ironmonger’s, where you can buy tools, household items or children’s toys or stop by the bookstore for the latest literature. 

young couple in typical clothes from the 1970s

Visit the commune where a group of four young people share the household or listen to the latest rock tunes at the local record store. You can also shop in the minimarket or pastry shop. 

Stately home from the 1700s in baroque and rococo.

It is quite easy to spend the entire day in Den Gamle By, and we recommend that you spend at least 3 hours here. However, if you are on a tight schedule we have listed a few highlights that you should definitely not miss. Click here to see them. 

A grocery from the 1800s

When you walk down the streets you can meet the people of the past and talk to them about their lives. How was the life of the merchant’s maid? How did the clergyman’s widow make a living and what kind of food was made in 1864?

Old mechanical toys in the Toy Museum in Den Gamle By.

Den Gamle By has dedicated an entire building just to toys and the history of children’s play. The oldest toys date back from the 1800s while the newest are from the 1960s. Rediscover old favorites or find new treasures between teddy bears, mechanical toys, German Märklin cars, or huge doll houses.

Living history in the Merchant's House, 1864

Discover the authentic Christmas in Den Gamle By and experience how the Danes have celebrated the holidays for centuries. You can explore the many historical traditions, enjoy the decorations in the shops and homes and visit the Christmas market. 

the most beautiful mechanical pocket watch ever made: Pocketwatch from Girard-Perrregaux

Den Gamle By has an outstanding collection of silverware, delftware, porcelain and clocks of all ages.


Classic and modern Danish posters

The Danish Poster Museum shows classic and modern posters, Danish and foreign posters, and posters with a political, artistic or commercial message.