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Den Gamle By


Viborgvej 2


8000 Aarhus C




tel: + 45 86 12 31 88

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Christmas in Den Gamle By

Find the true Christmas in Den Gamle By from November 14th until December 30th 2015

Experience how Danes have celebrated the holidays for centuries.  Exciting activities await the entire family with historical shops, Living History, traditional Danish treats, Christmas market and entertainment in the weekends.

Video: Christmas in the old town - Den Gamle By (48 seconds)

Living history in the Merchant’s House, 1864, where visitors may help the kitchen maids preparing for Christmas.
Explore the historical shops and discover unique presents, including a bookstore, a baker and a merchant. In 1927, the Ironmonger tempts children and adults with mechanical toys, and all little boys dream of a steam engine for Christmas.
Apples were popular Christmas decorations on the early Christmas trees in remembrance of the birth of Christ where all trees suddenly bore fruit. Throughout the extensive exhibitions visitors can follow the changing fashions of Christmas decorations.
Christmas elves in the Christmas House
Travel in style in the traditional Danish post carriage, or be tempted by the many delicacies at the Christmas market.
Traditional Christmas table from 1723. Throughout the museum, visitors get a glimpse of how the Danish Christmas has developed from the 1600s until 1974.